Saturday, September 3, 2016

Someone Wake Me Up MV [Abhi X Pragya]

Title: Someone Wake me up
Drama: Kumkum Bhagya
Song: Someone Wake me up by The Veronicas
Done on: 3rd Sept 2016

-- well, I dunno I was in a sad mood and remembered sad moments in my life I don't wish to remember honestly.

-- mmm I guess the song fit the last track of the series. I have no idea about ML track. how is it going, is it good or not! and I don't wish to see it -_-"
I'm still upset! maybe some day! :P

-- I remembered this song long time ago with AMV. it was very good and so sad. I remembered I cried so hard that time. still my favorite.

-- I tried to make the MV more like story telling! but I believe only fans will understand hhhh :D

-- enjoy it

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