Monday, April 10, 2017

Cheap Thrills MV [Abhi X Pragya]

Title: Cheap Thrills
Drama: Kumkum Bhagya
Song: Cheap Thrills by Sia
Done on: 8th April 17

-- did this simple vm for kkb 3rd anniversary. on 15 April, the series completed 3 years. 3 years of Abhigya <3 , 3 years of romance, sadness, over drama and bakwas as usual with Taliya lol XD

-- anyway, I wanted to be like celebration :)
-- I choose ''Cheap Thrills'' song and depend on the magical dance scenes of Abhigya <3
-- honestly, I don't wish for another year of the show, cause bakwas would be repeated :/

-- enjoy it :)

Cheap Thrills MV from Space of Creation on Vimeo.

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