Friday, April 15, 2016

Badtameez Dil MV [Abhi X Pragya]

Title: Badtameez Dil
Drama: Kumkum Bhagya
Song: Badtameez Dil by Benny Dayal
Done on: 15th April 2016

-- well today is the 2nd anniversary of KKB. I was working on this sine the beginning of this week and I tried my best to finish it before this date.

-- I tried to use random scenes of Abhigya fighting hhh. unfortunately there were scenes in my mind to use but couldn't. I was planning to do 3min of the song but It was too difficult for me to finish it on the time. so I had shorted the song to 2min only  -_-"

-- and yes the scenes mostly unrelated to the lyrics :P
-- it was fun working on this although it took so much time.

-- enjoy it :)

Badtameez Dil MV [Abhi X Pragya] by space_of_creation

Badtameez Dil MV from Space of Creation on Vimeo.

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