Saturday, October 24, 2015

Never Giving up AMV [Misaki X Usui]

Title: Never Giving up

Anime: Kaichou wa Maid sama

Song: Make it to the End by Stevie Hoang, Airplanes by Travis Garland

Done on: 13 Feb 15

-- first of all, Happy Valentine day :)

-- well, I wanted to do AMV for this occasion. express love and how its strength and feelings and never make you give up on your beloved no matter what obstacles you face! still love wins

-- I didn't see any of couple who can express the lyrics more than Misaki X Usui and btw I love them :)

-- the song is the eng cover of the Japanese version "Doushite" although I prefer the original, this lyrics express love with happy ending.

all what we need a cheerful song for the valentine :D

-- enjoy mina! ;D

Never Giving up AMV [Misaki X Usui] by space_of_creation

Never Giving up AMV from Space of Creation on Vimeo.

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